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We Provide
Full Medical Care!!
Highest standards of customer service
We Provide
Full Medical Care!
Highest standards of customer service

Our Departments

UMRI Healthcare Center specializes in different medical and allied services for the convenience of community:

Pediatric & Neonatology

Important Services

1Patient Service

* Proper treatment in hospital/ nursing homes (UMRI NH / UMRI Hospital/ UMRI Medical College) and medical college at low cost and high output.
* Diagnostic Service (UMRI Diagnostic) report delivery online apps.
* Consultation - online physician communication (UMRI Clinic).
* Daycare procedure – UMRI Daycare Centre.
* Tele medicine - UMRI Telemedicine.
* Doctors on call service (24/7/365) UMRI Call Service.
* Health centre outlet as UMRI Health Centre (School ,Company and other).
* Ambulance Service UMRI Ambulance Apps.
* Emergency Service on call UMRI call service.
* Blood Bank Service – UMRI Blood Bank.
* Accommodation service for patient relatives (UMRI Accommodation).
* Fund Mobilization Treatment UMRI Finance.
* Counseling Centre – UMRI Counseling Centre.

2Community Service

* Health checkup –UMRI Healthcare checkup service.
* Health Education and Training – UMRI Healthcare Education & Training.
* OPD Service – UMRI OPD.
* All round development of the Locality promoting the under developing village/ Locality in the name of UMRI JANAKALYAN Scheme.

3Doctors Service

* Create proper environment for hospital to treat (UMRI hospital in zonal wise).
* Hospital / medical college in PPP model. Local doctors are encouraged to come forward.
* Highlight Doctors Academic Activities UMRI presentation.
* Regular training of doctors along with paramedical staffs – UMRI Training Centre.
* Crisis management Scheme – UMRI Crisis Manager :

      # Treatment
      # Medico legal Aspect
      # Fund Management
      # Hondalism

* Doctors / paramedical on call service - UMRI Call Service.
* Publication of Journals – UMRI Journals.

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Our Specialists

We offer highly specialised medical care, on one site, from some of the foremost national and international specialists in their fields of medicine.

Cured Patients

For over 15 years, we have delighted our customers and provide them with the necessary services.

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Absolutely all our clients are ready to assure you of the high quality of our services

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