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About us

About Our Company

We the doctors created a company named Uniquecynax Healthcare Private Limited, with an idea to convert this in future as N.G.O in order to benefit patients community and doctors. Under one roof, under the brand name of UMRI.

For proper healthcare system patient, Doctors and community, should properly coordinated to create an ideal environment for its all round development. We have highlighted this as patient service , Community service and doctors service under one roof.

  • Equipped for all stages of care, from prevention to rehabilitation

  • Quality assessment program helps ensure smooth, effective operation

  • Prepared to treat a high volume of trauma patients 24/7

  • Prepared to treat a high volume of trauma patients 24/7/365

Why Choose Us??

  • Doctors are pillars of healthcare system. In order to make ideal and logical healthcare system in our country, Doctors should come forward to take this responsibilities.
  • Doctors can sense the pulse bit of the patients and community as they are closely associated with them.
  • At present patient and community are exploited in the name of healthcare system at the cost of the reputation of doctors. We want this practice to stop. We should come forward to shoulder this responsibilities.