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UMRI HOSPITAL makes great efforts to provide its patients with effective and timely care in a clean and hygienic environment with the highest level of medical support.

Working With Us

At UMRI HOSPITAL employee gets excellent opportunity in their working field and contribute to serving mankind to extend of their professional satisfaction. We respect team spirit and believe in genuine and productive teamwork

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OT Technician

Assists doctor in OT

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Diversity & Inclusion

Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to improve diversity and inclusion for patients and his associates. Diversity and inclusion efforts can attract qualified associates to work for an organization and retain high – performing associates

Diversity and inclusion directly impact patient health outcomes and quality of life.

Life @UMRI

UMRI life aims to provide timely access to health and wellness information which leads to excellent quality, and informative healthcare services. It is a multi-facility hospital that will cater to communities in need of healthcare treatment, information, products and services.

UMRI aims to bring high quality health care to those who need it the most – wherever they live. The core strategy of the organization is to develop a team of servant-leaders in health care industry those are well trained, compassionate, professionally excellent, ethically sound and committed towards their role & responsibility.

UMRI life focus on occupational Health Care, Wellness Partner, Community Health and Wellness, Employee Health, and workplace Wellness.